Tobias Khilan

Senior Marketing Manager

I am a Marketer, at least not as you know it.

In a connected, modern world, it is more efficient to select experts and always work with the best for the job. Companies should not take their time with long-term strategies. The reason: markets and consumers are dynamic. An agile mindset and agile marketing are exactly what you need as an entrepreneur in a distributive world.


I am ready to bring my balanced hard skills, experience, creativity, and understanding of economic contexts to your company. My ability to empathize with the customer’s perspective complements the tasks in marketing and sales perfectly. I follow a digital-first approach and know how to derive insights from data and take action, always keeping the service-oriented mindset for the various stakeholders in mind.

Ausdauer und Teamgeist bewies ich als Linebacker im American Football
Servant Leader

I fully dedicate myself to the tasks and goals entrusted to me and manage stress and work pressure through regular exercise. As a team captain in American football, I have developed and deepened my leadership qualities. My leadership style helps me to inspire my team members and establish motivation and team spirit as the foundation of the team. My pursuit of excellence in my sports career has had a significant impact on my professional career.

I inspire and empower you to develop marketing that delights your customers and helps your organisation achieve real results. With the concrete playbook, I’ll implement the activities that will help your business break out of marketing mediocrity to achieve tangible results. And I’ll inspire you to achieve results you’ll be rightly proud of.

As a T-Shape Marketer, I bring not only specialized knowledge in various areas of marketing but also a broad understanding of overarching aspects. My interdisciplinary expertise allows me to pursue a holistic, solution-oriented approach. By implementing marketing technologies using agile methods, I have successfully executed projects. These skills, combined with my relentless pursuit of excellence and the consistent success I have delivered to companies in achieving their set objectives and key results, make me a thought leader in my field.

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Experience & Education

Throughout my over 20-year career in various positions in marketing, communication, and as a Digital Manager, I have consistently demonstrated myself as a creative leader and strategist. My passion for innovation and my growth mindset have enabled me to effectively employ agile methods and unleash the full potential of (digital) marketing.

Career milestones

Adobe | (Field) Marketing Manager

Leading the marketing activities of the „Mittelstand” (mid tier companies) programme

Jaguar Land Rover | Stabsstelle Digital Marketing

As part of the European team, I implemented marketing campaigns and amplified digital touchpoints for the two iconic brands.

Sage | Campaign Manager

From the Dublin HQ, I functioned in the global team for the implementation of the campaigns and marketing activities.

Zendesk | (Channel) Marketing Manager

Lifelong learning

Google AI Essentials

Building Essential AI Skills across roles and industries to help develop ideas and content, make more informed decisions, and speed up daily work tasks.

Squared by Google

Digital Leadership course to provide future executives and managers in operational responsibility with a basic understanding and content security for successful action in today’s digital world.

FAMI – Media IT & Media Design

Expertise in marketing technology, digital publishing, web development and film & multimedia.

So What’s Next?

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